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Wakeman had been struggling for years to rid the world of evil through the use of her inventions. And then, in a moment of brilliance, she created XJ9 (a.k.a. Jenny). More mad scientist than understanding mom, Wakeman can teach Jenny to battle almost anything that comes her way, but she's not so hot at talking about teenage stuff like clothes and boys. Wakeman just doesn't get why Jenny would rather go to the fair than defend the Earth. But isn't having a mom who doesn't understand you, like, Rule #1 for being a teenager?

Jenny robot

Comme toute les adolescentes, Jenny rêve de passer du temps avec les autres humains et de s'amuser avec ses voisins, Brad et Tuck. Malheureusement, sa créatrice ne voit pas ça de cet oeil là, Jenny est programmée pour protéger la terre contre toutes les menaces extérieures.

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